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Business Growth Consulting with Mind Maps

I have developed a custom technique to help busineses grow quickly with Mindmaps.  I write a column for Mindjet.com about solving marketing problems using Mindmanager, a mindmapping software.  I utilitze maps to help my customers develop a road map to growing their business.

Here are columns that illustrate useful Case Studies:

Sept./October 2008

3 Ways to Get More People on Your Team on the Mind Mapping Bandwagon

August 2008

Creating a 3D Learning Experience Using MindManager


How I Instantly Put Mindjet Connect Beta to Work

May 2008

How to use MindManager 7 to deal with Internal Politics Preventing a Sale

April 2008

Get Your Web Site to Function Like a Virtual Assistant
With MindManager® Pro 7

March 2008

Find the Perfect Customer Using MindManager® Pro 7

February 2008

Create a Mailing List Building System with MindManager® Pro 7

January 2008

Make Your Service Easy to Understand with MindManager®

December 2007

Drive Your Company Knowledge with a Buzz Tracker Dashboard 

November 2007

Multiply Your Team’s Brainpower with MindManager® Pro 7


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What People are Saying about my Mindmapping Sessions:

I worked with Stephanie recently to build a MindMap for my business.   Stephanie is very easy to work with and the experience that she brings to the table is invaluable.  The MindMap process is simple and I found that it was an effective way to plan out what I need to focus on in each area of my business.  I now refer to the mind map on a daily basis to make sure that I'm making progress in the areas we identified.   

We also put together a mind map for my upcoming website redesign.  During this process, we worked through possible layout options and by manipulating the MindMap, it was easy to decide on a new layout and the necessary content for each page .  I'm very visual, so seeing it illustrated in the MindMap made it easy to identify the best layout for the new website so that it will make sense to my clients. 

I can't thank Stephanie enough for her help on this.  I highly recommend taking advantage of Stephanie's expertise and adding the MindMap as another tool at your disposal to make effective decisions for your business.  Thanks again Stephanie!

Lorie Pointer, CEO



"Stephanie, Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with me on my recently launched website. Your insights into providing value to customers and translating this into a web-based marketing approach will a key to the success of my business. 

The Mind Jet MindManager platform combined with the web-based tools you recommended have opened my eyes to a new, exciting way of doing business.

Thank you again!"

Natalie Currie

Clinical Research Consulting Inc.


"I've been using mindmaps for years and have absolutely loved the way they help me to organize information.

I recently worked with Stephanie on a project and she helped me appreciate a totally new aspect to their usefulness - as a synergistic brainstorming tool.

Stephanie integrated into our session some very useful technology that allowed us to work on a single mindmap together in real-time, even though we are nearly 1000 miles apart. Using this technology, combined with Stephanie's grasp of mindmapping and the Mindjet software, we were able to easily get a flow of great ideas going and and use them to build a very effective mindmap that provided a clear vision for the project at-hand."

Derek Franklin
Adobe Press author
Simply Brilliant Inc.
Bloomington, Indiana, USA


          Stephanie, your help was tremendous and very much
          needed. I’ve struggled with this for a couple years
          and paid for the development of two different
          websites to try for better results …. lots of cash out
          but very little in. Needless to say, my frustration level
          passed extreme some time ago. I’ll take your advice..."   

          Linda Zumstein, CEO
          Sales Success Strategies, LLC



How I can help you grow your business?

Why should you care about your online strategy?  Wouldn't it be easier just to put up a website and hope you hit on something that makes you money? 

If you're like thousands of other business website owners, that's probably what you've done.  But now it's time to assess the results and develop a plan that WILL INCREASE REVENUE consistently.

After 25 years in marketing, with eight years as Marketing Director at AOL, I adapted MindMaps into a method called "Digimaps" that will help you develop your website strategy in 90 minutes!   Let me conduct an online mapping session for you.

We conduct a mapping session as a web conference, making it easy and convenient!  Capture ideas from a variety of staffers or just yourself, from the comfort of your office- so the work-day is not interrupted.  Watch as the map is developed and revised over the web.


The Website Strategy Digimap Mind Map Session

A growth plan package includes the following:

  • A 1 ½ hour "webex" style online session to develop a custom strategy. This map becomes your plan for implementation.
  • A half hour post-session discussion with the principal map owner to determine next steps. (For group sessions only.)
  • A copy of the map for internal distribution


Benefits you receive from a Website Strategy Session:

  1. You have a document that will serve as a 'big picture' look at your website as well as a description of the details
  2. Both business and technical people can offer their best ideas and be understood by everyone
  3. You can quickly determine what you need to do next to improve your website and increase revenue
  4. An understanding of ongoing budget needs to redesign your site

Digimap Mind Maps have many valuable strategic uses.  You can:

  • Develop a strategy to achieve your annual business goals
  • Redesign your website
  • Plan a sales presentation
  • Develop marketing ideas for your new product
  • Write your newsletter
  • Conduct an analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop a marketing plan for a retail product
  • Reduce costs to manufacture a product
  • Develop creative promotional ideas


Case Study: Mindmapping your Website

Sample Digimap Mind Maps

Here are some additional examples of how our customers have used Digimaps to solve problems and brainstorm:

Sales Challenges

Planning a teleseminar

Writing your newsletter

Website sales audit

Consulting Sales


To schedule a Mind Map session today, email us at info@digmediaworks.com and we'll schedule a time for you.